9-14-20 // North Jetty // 9:30-10:15am

If you order a shirt for $25 plus shipping unless you see us at the jetty, you’ll get a hi res shot for guess what? Free. Our paypal username is admin@venicejetty.com and venmo is @Joey-Broz-1. Pictures of our North Jetty shirt at the bottom of page.

These shots above were taken around 7:30am. Watched the surf and a wave over thigh high didn’t come in. Paddled out to get some exercise and it picked up a bit. Took the shots below from 9:30-10:15am

Not Satisfied with your surfing? Brush up on your technique

Guy actually rode away from this unicorn of the sea

Surf moms so happy those kids are back in school

Male Model ^

North Jetty Mens

North Jetty womens

We have a south jetty shirt on the way if ya wanna pre-order

if you wanna shirt email us at admin@venicejetty.com


Surf nerd conditions for this day

Raining yesterday but the conditions are below