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Jetty Surf Forecast for Week of Dec 2, 2023

Surfline, Swellinfo etc are good for general surf forecasting, what our Jetty Surf Forecast gives you is indepth knowledge for this local area. How the tides affect the surf locally, what the water conditions are, what the sandbars are doing, what the real water temp and feel is and when has been the better times to go out. Information that the general forecast sites have no way of knowing. Updated the page below to show the relevant buoys that affect our areas and a few secret cams.
Weekly surf report: Ah man we have some waves coming next week. A light cold front coming Monday afternoon bringing some small waves, maybe a thigh set as of right now. A strong front coming Wednesday with a wind fetch from the panhandle to the jetty. That means hopefully we’ll have some more energy Wednesday in the waist plus to gulf chest set range? Lets keep our hopes up. Tides are pretty weak Wednesday but look better late afternoon. Water temp will probably be in the high 60’s. Get to Compound for boards and wetsuits.
Tuesday Update: Well Monday and Tuesday didn’t pan out. Maybe 1 rogue thigh set all day but we have some windy waves coming Wednesday. Should be bigger late afternoon but also windier. Tides are good for late afternoon too. Water should be around 70 but will feel colder than that with the wind and air temp. Hoping for some chunky windy ramps. Thursday morning could be fun but it will be 45 at sunrise, wind chill at 41 and thats not when your wet. Keep your eyes on the buoys and wind and get some exercise

Weekly Gulf Surf Forecast:

Monday: Thigh sets
Tuesday:  Fading thigh waves
Wednesday: Building to waist plus
Thursday: Fading clean waist sets
Friday: Very small leftovers maybe
Sat:  Nothing
Sun: Nope
*Prepare accordingly and forecast *subject to change

A lot of wind area pointed at us


Relevant WFLA forecast buoys

Read the buoy data. These are the buoys we use to forecast waves for West Florida, you can get the data below. When the swell and period heights elevate from the northern, western or southern buoys the waves will eventually make it to us depending on the pace of the swell.

The waves follow the wind, check long range wind forecast on Windy charts below. Check real time wind data by checking the buoys and  watch the swell heights follow. There are many buoys that only record wind so check those out too by clicking the map below, “select region” will be on the top right of the map, select “Gulf of Mexico (East) Florida” then click whatever buoy your heart desires.

Buoy numbers above correspond to the buoys below

North Forecast buoys

42099 buoy stopped working with hurricane Idalia, back now

South forecast buoys below

42003 East Gulf – 208 NM West of Naples. Hasn’t been working for a little while but when it comes back online we’ll post it

42097 Pulley Ridge – Back online!


Secret Cams

Casey Key

Pier (Scroll down for cam)

Crows Nest (Use for wind conditions sometimes)


Real Time Wave Chart


Real Time Wind Chart


Click for Venice, FL surf reports. swell info


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