March 2024 Venice Jetty Fishing Forecast

This is the time we’ve been waiting for. Stingrays migrate late February, the water warms up and then the fish really start biting. March is a great month for fishing. Sheepshead are being caught with sand fleas, break shrimp in half and the sheeps head will bite it.

Hit the docks at night this Month for some good snook fishing cause the water temp warms up. Full regulations and details can be viewed at .

When the water temp is between around 68 and 72 the pompano come in through the jetty this month. Have heard stories of good pomp fishing in big pass with school bus yellow silly willy working.

To catch the pompano get yourself a silly willy and a teaser (pink and white jig with a green/yellow teaser work goood), tie them in a loop knot and cast it out as far as possible. Wait for it to hit bottom, count to 5 then start working it in.

FWC allows you to drop 5 stone crab pots per saltwater fishing license. Stick some cheap chicken in there and let it set for a few days then pick out some big crabs. Pull a claw off and throw the crab back.

Jennifer with a beast red at the jetty


Bait is just starting to come in, maybe take your cast net to some inland docks to get some.

The variety of cast bait is also called Mahara and Sand Perch but the old jetty dudes just call it white bait.

You can always find fish around here in the rivers and offshore. Kayak fishing available at Jetty rentals at the North Jetty on the south end of Casey Key. 941-525-0117.

Guided kayak fishing available at Jetty rentals at the North Jetty on the south end of Casey Key. 941-525-0117.

Check the red tide report before figuring out where your gonna fish,

Check for closures and updates.


Snook Regulations for our area

Regular season closures: Closed Dec. 1-end of February and May 1-Aug. 31

Slot Limit: Not less than 28″ or more than 33″ total length

Daily Bag Limit: 1 per harvester per day; zero captain and crew for-hire limit

You can keep a snook around the Venice pier and north of that, can’t keep south of the pier area


Red fish Regulations for our area

Slot Limit: Not less than 18″ no more than 27″ total length

Daily Bag Limit: 1 fish per person; 2 fish vessel limit

Joey at Jetty Rentals


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