Saturday 1-2-21 // North Jetty // 12:45-2:45pm

Order a shirt for $25 or a hoodie $40. Our paypal username is and venmo is @Joey-Broz-1. North and  South Jetty shirts are restocked with a buttload of more colors at the bottom of page. Email or DM on Instagram: Venicejettysurf

North Jetty surprise. Buoy was 3.3ft at 10secs South at Egmont at 10am. Swell hits the jetty a few hours before it registers at egmont 40+ miles north

Not that cold out there, water temp mid 60’s

Lotta smiles out there

Not that cold


Mens North Jetty

Mens. North Jetty shirts have white ink, South Jetty shirts have black ink


if you wanna shirt email us at or DM on Instagram: Venicejettysurf



Surf session conditions