Help Open Beaches in Sarasota County

When are the beaches going to re-open? Well one of the surf moms Julia Reynolds has done a lot of research that gives us some info on who we can email in our local government to let them know how you feel. Read below:
So you might already be aware of this, but word on the street is that Sarasota County is possibly beginning to discuss allowing beach access to get in the water to be able surf/exercise along with the right protocol….if they get enough pushback from their residents.  Here’s the link for the article on the Herald Tribune talking about this:
The County Administrator’s name is Jonathan Lewis and his email is:
It’s the County Administrator who makes this call. If surfers were wanting to just copy the message below to send him.
Hello, Mr. Lewis.
As a Sarasota County resident, I ask that you allow our residents to access our open water through the beach for the purpose of surfing by updating the current executive order from the Florida governor. The current definition for “essential activities” within our county includes walking, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, running, and swimming.  Our surfing community strongly urges you to include surfing as well. This type of “update” has already occurred in other counties and cities within Florida, so we hope you will do the same here in Sarasota County.  Surfing is a sport that inherently lends itself to social distancing out in the open ocean.  It strengthens our immune systems and our spiritual/emotional well being.
Thank you for your time and all your hard work.
One County Commissioners in particular responded very positively and said that he’s the main dude that’s lobbying to open up the beaches again…with social distancing.  Anyhoo, he said to definitely go to a public Facebook post he started to give your feedback there.  He said that next week, they are going to make a decision, but he needs to prove that enough residents want to re open the beaches, and he’s going to use his Facebook post to prove it to the board! Here it is: