July 2018 Venice Jetty Fishing Forecast

 The fish kills from the red tide slowed down the bite last month but it looks like it is gone… for now.
Tarpon will still be a good option this month. Shallow water action for reds and big trout will be best early and late in the day. Some of the best action will be with trout, blues, pompano and more on deep grass flats. Snook fishing in the intercoastal at night or in the surf should also be snappin.

Dan slotting one in off season.

Tarpon will thin out towards the end of the month as they begin to move to inside waters. They move into these areas to rest and feed following spawning.
You’ll find reds very active in shallow water this month. With plentiful baitfish and higher tides, they’ll spend more time feeding over shallow grass flats. Look for them along the edges of bars or in potholes when the tide is low or along mangrove shorelines and around oyster bars when the tide is high. You’ll also find big trout in many of the same areas where you find reds, but the bite for big trout is usually best early or late in the day.
You may also find Spanish mackerel, blues, pompano and more mixed with trout on grass flats. Flats close to passes or on points that get good tidal flow.
In addition to tarpon, you might find false albacore (little tunny), tripletail or cobia in the coastal gulf this month. Look for albies feeding on the surface. You might even find a stray king mackerel in the mix around feeding frenzies. You might even find cobia swimming with tarpon or cruising bars in shallow water along the beach. We occasionally run into tripletail this time of year, either around a crab trap buoy, navigational marker or floating debris.
There are lots of options this month, late season tarpon, snook in the surf or at night or fishing skinny water for reds or big trout. Tarpon fishing is best when sweat is pouring down your back, but you’ll want to fish early in the day in shallow water.

Dude caught this 40″ snook in between the jetties from the south side.
Joey at Jetty Rentals


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