1:30pm Update: Venice Jetty Surf Report: Wed March 6, 2019

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Surf/Weather Report:

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1:30pm Update: A little high tidey right now but still fun. Should be rideable till dark. Might have to wait around for the sets. Low tide at sunset.
9am Update: Dang its cold in the parking lot at South Jetty. Then you get down to the beach and into the sun and its warm but that wind is chilly. Waves are in the thigh set range. Grab your long board or fish and get down here. Could get better, should get better, this is the gulf. 
7:45 am Surf and Weather Report: When the weather warms up you get used to it. You think the cold is over, then an unexpected cold front comes through and it feels twice as cold as it really is. Buoy is 4 ft at 6 secs. Air temp 46, water temp 72.5. If you wanna surf with no crowd go out early, Its gonna warm up to the mid 60’s. Its gonna be sunny, its gonna be windy, its gonna be fun. Could be best from 10am to 12:30pm again but it should be fun all day. Low tide at 6:15am and comes in strong until 12:30pm, the next low tide is at 5:45pm. Grab a wetsuit and go surf. Morning visual coming soon. More info: Click here for the indepth Surf Forecast.
Water temp pushing 73. Check the red tide at Red Tide Status. Red Tide Map Sunny breezy with highs in the mid 60s. North winds 15 to 20 mph.
YOUTUBE ———————— Water Quality Status————————– Red Tide Status
Just Added: 3-5-19 // South Jetty Mid-Day // Harvey Petersiel

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Just Added: 3-5-19 // South Jetty Mid-Day // Harvey Petersiel
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Jetty Fishing Report:

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Venice Florida Fishing Report March 6: Your Venice Florida fishing report for today is: Hot but its cold outside. The sheepshead bite is crazy right now. Trout are being caught too. You can always find fish around here in the rivers and offshore. FWC makes snook, redfish temporarily catch-and-release only in areas affected by red tide. Self-guided kayak fishing available at Jetty rentals at the North Jetty on the south end of Casey Key. 941-525-0117.

Ricardo with a 15 inch sheepie yesterday
It’s possible that we can hook you up on some fish // Self- Guided Kayak and Paddle Board Fishing Tours // 9415250117


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