Afternoon Update: Venice Jetty Surf Report: Thurs Oct 11, 2018



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Afternoon Update: Waves are fading, hopefully you found a spot with some clean water. Update shot from Tuesday with more photo pages from that epic dirty water day below.
8:30am Morning Surf Update: First off: Send the healing vibes to the victims of Michael. 2nd off: Don’t surf at North Jetty (Read warning below). 3rd off: Yesterday was what we thought it was. Described below. Today we have some waist to maybe a chesty one out there right now.Not the greatest conditions but looks fun. Thinking if the swell hangs around late morning, maybe noon to 3 pm should be pretty fun. Right in the middle of the day with the sun beating you down. Dead Low Tide around 8:30AM, High around 3PM. Squall coming through right now. Will get to some rad Tuesday shots today. Been pretty busy. Read Warning below. Don’t surf at North Jetty Beach. The lifeguards might shut down the beach today which they should’ve done 2 days ago. Check the indepth surf forecast to know where to surf.
10-9-18 // Hurricane Michael Madness // 1:30-2pm
10-9-18 // Hurricane Michael // 2-2:15pm
10-9-18 // Hurricane Michael // 2:15-2:40pm
10-9-18 // Hurricane Michael Madness //10am-1:30pm
Water Quality Warning: Called the Health Dept awhile back. They said that it takes a few days to send the sample to the lab and get the results and report it. Just found out that we’ve been surfing in crap water, literally crap filled water since Tuesday and they don’t post it till today. How does that help us for the last 2 days?? The lifeguards don’t know, no warnings, nothing. This is Bull crap. I’d go take ear drops, vitamin C, maybe even some antibiotics to kill anything that may have gotten into you. They’ve gotta come up with a better system.

Yesterday Eve Update: Today was described to me perfectly by Saladino,” It was good. got my butt kicked.” Thats what what today was like. You could find fun waves here and there. It didn’t seem to be as big as yesterday but felt a lot meaner if that makes sense. Like you got a few body shots from Connor, or the other guy. It did get really fun for an hour maybe. But it was a fun workout all day.
Water temp pushing 85. Check the red tide at Red Tide Status. A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 87. Heat index values as high as 99. West wind around 9 mph.
YOUTUBE ———————— Water Quality Status————————– Red Tide Status


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Venice Florida Fishing Report week for the 2nd week of Oct: Your Venice Florida fishing report for today is: Fishing Report: 25 out of 100 on the daily average fishing rating near shore. Fish are biting offshore. FWC makes snook, redfish temporarily catch-and-release only in areas affected by red tide. Guided kayak fishing available at Jetty rentals at the North Jetty on the south end of Casey Key. 941-525-0117.

There are fish out there! Had to go 12 miles into the gulf Friday afternoon

It’s possible that we can hook you up on some fish // Kayak and Paddle Board Fishing Tours // 9415250117


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