3pm Update: Venice Jetty Surf Report: Fri April 19, 2019

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Surf/Weather Report:

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3pm Update: There were some fun ones out there before the storm rolled in. You wouldn’t have thought so looking at it but a few of the set lefts would bend down the beach for awhile. Hopefully there will be some time to surf after this crazy weather.
Noon Update: Got this report from a reliable eyeball source: it’s knee occ thigh. absolutely no west in the swell yet. getting sandblasted 
8:30am Update: Windy waist sets at north jetty right now.
8am Surf and Weather Report: Get ready for some crazy weather guys. South wind is blasting right now and all day. Find some wind protection to surf. Be careful. If there is lightning, go in. If there are 40 mph winds, go in. If its hailing, go in. If there is flooding, it won’t matter cause you’re in the water anyway. At least 1 of these things will happen. The conditions could change at any time all day. The only constant is that is gonna be windy. The wind could chill out a bit before, during or after a rain shower. Updates coming.
Indepth Forecast Update: A low from the midwest is pulling a cold front across the U.S., through the GOMEX and straight toward WFL, us. We’re looking for the south swell suck up Thursday afternoon and all day Friday bringing us some building fun size but reeeeal stormy at times waves and conditions. We’re in a bunch of weather advisories and have heard forecast of tornados, hail, flooding and hopefully wavemageddon. That means bigger waves. Gale force wind gusts from 40-55mph. It may be unsurfable during the harsh weather but there could be pockets to surf in. Be careful. May be best to get out there …..click for Full Report
Water temp pushing 78. Check the red tide at Red Tide Status. Red Tide Map Partly sunny with scattered showers and thunderstorms this morning, then widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. Windy. Some thunderstorms may be severe. Highs around 80. Temperature falling into the lower 70s this afternoon. South winds 20 to 30 mph, becoming southwest this afternoon. Gusts up to 45 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.
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YOUTUBE ———————— Water Quality Status————————– Red Tide Status
Recent Photos
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4-14-19 // North Jetty // Harvey Petersiel
4-14-19 // North Jetty // Harvey Petersiel
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4-10-19 // North Jetty // 5:30-6:20pm
4-9-19 // North Jetty // 7-7:30pm
3-27-19 // South Jetty // 1:40-2:40pm
3-27-19 // South Jetty // 2:50-4:50pm
3-27-19 // South Jetty // 5-5:30pm


Jetty Fishing Report:

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Venice Florida Fishing Report April 19: Your Venice Florida fishing report for today is: Hottt. Fred caught 6 pompano yesterday morning! Trout sheepshead and mackeral. Snook Update: They are starting to bite. You can always find fish around here in the rivers and offshore. FWC makes snook, redfish temporarily catch-and-release only in areas affected by red tide. Self-guided kayak fishing available at Jetty rentals at the North Jetty on the south end of Casey Key. 941-525-0117.
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