Eve Update Jetty Report: Wednesday Jan 3, 2018


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Surf/Weather Report:


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Eve Update: Well it was pretty cold. It was pretty windy. A few fun rides were had. Its always good for the soul to get in the water. Gotta remember that. If you didn’t make it out, your soul is hurting but thats about it. Didn’t miss anything epic. Hopefully we’ll have a frosty chest set in the morning. Gonna be cold boys. Water temp 62 and dropping.

Just Added: 1-3-18 // Cold and Windy Wednesday

2PM Update: Sooo windy yet so small. At least its clean. It will build, its supposed to build. Yes it will build. Egmont buoy is 5 ft at 6 secs, the wind is over 20 miles an hour north northwest. High tide around 2:45pm. Water temp at a cool 63°. Thigh sets, should keep building till midnight. Suns out, go out! Or wait for later
8:30AM: Its gonna be cold but not as cold as the shot above. But man it is snowing in the Panhandle of Florida. The waves are like ankle to knee high, maybe 1-2 ft but its gonna be picking up as the wind changes more NW. An icy blast is blowing from the NNW right now over 20mph. Front coming through late morning maybe around 11. Waves building as the afternoon drives into the sunset. Water temp 63.7 and dropping. Air temp 50. High near 59. Go buy cold weather stuff at the compound.

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Jetty Fishing Report:

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1-3-18: Ice fishing is so hot right now. 93 out of 100 on the daily average fishing rating, good time 12:45am – 3:30pm slightly better from 12am-3pm. Its cold out there.

This is what its gonna feel like here in a few days. Big ol musky sent in from up north

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