3M Update: Jetty Report: Friday March 17, 2017

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Surf/Weather Report:

3pm Update: Warming Up out here

10:30AM Update: Marc is shooting the new Venice Cop Show at Sharkeys Pier this morning. Check it out

8:30AM: We had some fun waves but Why is it still so cold??? Well enjoy it cause its not gonna be this cold again for like 9 months. Todays highs in the 70’s, geez water temp dropped to 66. No surf until possibly mid next week when another front approaches.

Just Added: 3-15-17 // Wednesday Morning // Adam Hutchinson

3-15-17 // March Madness // Wednesday

3-15-17 // Gulf Barrel // Wednesday

3-15-17 // Global Warming? // Wednesday

3-15-17 // Everyones Out // Wednesday

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If you see a Manatee,Whale or Dolphin in distress or dead call 888-404-3922 and some people with FWC will check em out.

Surf forecast: Winter conditions in the mornings but’ll be warming up. Next chance for surf here is mid next week with upcoming front. They don’t normally dip this low this late in the year butyou never know.

Stay tuned.

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Red Tide Report

Beach Water Status

East Coast Surf Reports:

North FLA: 911 Surf Report

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Jetty Fishing Report

3-17-17: Fishing is good two days after a cold front so it should start picking up. Heard an 82 year old dude caught a 45 inch snook at the jetty a few days ago. I saw the shot and am trying to get ahold of it.

Found that snook shot!

Its possible that we can hook you up on some fish// Kayak and Standup Fishing Charters // 9415250117


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Bryce making some great Vidz

North Shore Prince Mason Ho

Great vid by Eric Nalpas from Dec 30th

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Breaking News: Kelly Slater man-made surf park proposed in South Florida // Link

Ben Hicks // Gulf Coast

Soli Bailey Wins the Volcom Pipe Pro // Check da Replay // Link

Koa Rothman wins Dahui Backdoor Shootout 2017

Jamie Mitchel Wins Nazaré Challenge // Link

Michel Bourez wins 2016 Pipe Masters // Link


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