Eve Update Venice Jetty Surf Report: Sun Dec 16, 2018

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Surf/Weather Report:

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Eve Update: Looked like the wind picked up locally from the NW starting around 1pm. Then South Jetty had some groomed fun backwashy lines coming in. We should have some smaller leftovers tomorrow fading through the day. Check the new.photo pages below
1pm Update: The waves are jamming in the chest set range locally and great everywhere up and down the coast. Getting reports from all around confirming this truth. It was super crowded at North Jetty which is to be expected and sure it’ll be crowded all day. Get surfed out
7:15am Update: Morning viz from north and south jetty. A little high tidey but some nugs bout there. Should get better as the tide drops.
6am Morning Surf Report: The buoy period peaked over night but it is fluctuating 4ft at 8 to 11 secs with zero wind right now. It should be good everywhere but you may have to check around as high tide is at 6:20am locally. Our mind says head north but our heart is saying stick to the jetty. ‘Jetty rats scurry back’ is an old jetty proverb. Low tides around 1pm. Water temp is pushing 68. Go score somewhere guys. Check the wave height, period and wind speed in the graphs and check the new photo pages from yesterday below. For where and when to surf check the Updated Sunday Morning Full Surf Forecast.
Just Added: Venice Jetties PEELING (Venice SJ 12/16/18)
Just Added: 12-16-18 // North Jetty // 7:40-8:20am
Just Added: 12-16-18 // North Jetty // 8:20-8:40am
Just Added: 12-16-18 // North Jetty // 8:40-9:20am
Just Added: 12-16-18 // North Jetty // 9:20-9:50am
Just Added: 12-16-18 // North Jetty // 9:50-10:30am
Just Added: 12-16-18 // North Jetty // 10:30-11am
12-15-18 // North Jetty // 3:30-4:15pm
12-15-18 // North Jetty // 4:15-4:40pm
12-15-18 // North Jetty // 4:40-5:10pm
12-15-18 // North Jetty // 5:10-5:30pm
12-15-18 // North Jetty // 5:30-5:40pm
12-15-18 // North Jetty // 8:30-9am
12-14-18 // Eve NJ // 5-5:35PM
Pipe Masters starts around 12:30pm if its running today.
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Water temp pushing 66. Check the red tide at Red Tide Status. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 76. East southeast wind 8 to 10 mph.
YOUTUBE ———————— Water Quality Status————————– Red Tide Status
Just Added: Venice Jetties PEELING (Venice SJ 12/16/18)


Jetty Fishing Report:

December 2018 Venice Jetty Fishing Forecast

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Venice Florida Fishing Report Dec 16: Your Venice Florida fishing report for today is: Good. Red tide is gone it is time to fish. You can always find fish around here in the rivers and offshore. FWC makes snook, redfish temporarily catch-and-release only in areas affected by red tide. Self-guided kayak fishing available at Jetty rentals at the North Jetty on the south end of Casey Key. 941-525-0117.

The mullet are strong right now.

It’s possible that we can hook you up on some fish // Self- Guided Kayak and Paddle Board Fishing Tours // 9415250117


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