Surfing Lake Erie // Joshua Cady

Ever wondered if it was possible to surf on the Great Lakes? Jetty local Josh Cady answered that question for us. Check out his story and pics below.
Whenever I travel to Cleveland in the summertime, there’s a bunch of reasons to get excited. Never has surfing been one of those reasons. Sure, I have seen surf a few times there, but only when conditions were cold, choppy @ 3-4 seconds, and micro. Still, surfing the lake has been on my bucket list for some time.
So when I was up there in early July and saw a NE wind cover Lake Erie for 24 hours, I had to check the closest spot I knew, Edgewater beach.
All I had on me was my inflatable SUP board, which does horrible in surf. Good thing there was a local who happened to have an extra board I could borrow. (Thanks Colin!)

Water felt 78 degrees, very comfortable in boardshorts

The wave I surfed was a right that broke off a jetty. At times, I felt like I was back home at south jetty.

Low tide, high tide, incoming, outgoing – that doesn’t exist here. That said, the water level was the highest it’s been since they started recording it, 33 inches above average for summertime. This sandbar had no problem dealing with the extra water.

I asked the locals what the bottom was like, they replied: “Mostly sand, with the occasional rock, and syringe needle”

A local said that in the fall season, a cold front swell can produce a chest to head wave that breaks out by the point where the willow tree is. Cleveland CAN rock!…sometimes // Joshua Cady