Gulf Coast Perspective: Steamer Lane // Josh Cady

Gulf Coast Perspective: Steamer Lane

Josh Cady

For a gulf coast surfer: steamer lane makes you feel as far from home as possible, but once you catch your first wave, you feel like you just found a new home. The owner of a nearby surf shop said that most surfers there don’t travel for surf in warmer waters.


Water temp 53, seals in the lineup, thick pockets of kelp that can ruin the occasional duck dive. i’m not recommending the movie, but watch Chasing Mavericks before you visit there to have a little more appreciation.

After 4 waves steamer lane is automatically in my top 10 of surf spots. Arena feel. The closest spot I can relate it to is Indy’s in PR- but it has all the things indy’s is missing in the wave itself.

Museum right there at steamer lane

To all my friends
Present past and beyond
Especially those who weren’t with us too long
Life is the most precious thing you can lose

Pleasure Point

Pleasure Point

Pleasure Point

Josh Cady on assignment in California.