2-16-17 // AMI Waves

Rarely do guys leave the jetty to surf Bradenton or Sarasota beaches. Not that its better at a jetty than other places, it shows the lack of an exploring spirit and laziness of most surfers. Why search around for other waves when you know its going to fun at the jetty, albeit crowded. No sense of adventure. No drift at the jetty. Lazy. Easy to sit in front of the lineup and heckle people while drinking beer. Check.

This was the first time that I personally trekked to North Bradenton to surf. Yeah I’ve ridden siesta and lido a bunch of times, even checked Whitney one time and it looked fun. But never AMI. Why? Well another reason besides the aforementioned is that from Nokomis GPS says it takes 1 hour to get to AMI. Listen, the GPS says that, it probably took an hour and a half. Even worse coming back took almost 2 hours. Serenity now. The real reason for theĀ  coast trip was that the red tide was so bad at the jetty in the morning that it was unbearable at this point in my life.


The wind was on it a little by the time of arrival. Was so amped from sitting in my car that I didn’t even check it, just went right out. Had a few sessions then came in and took some shots around 11:30am off and on till 2:30pm maybe.

It wasn’t the best conditions for the wave but you could just see its potential. It almost has the length of a Jetty wave but potentially has a barrel of a beach break. It is a super fun wave. Lefts and rights, sections to smash, ramps and head dips. Definitely worth another trip up there.