12-16-18 // North Jetty // 8:40-9:20am

Email admin@venicejetty.com if you want any shots in hi-res. 1 pic $10, additional pics $5. Hi res shots look alottttt better than these low res watermarkers and support your friendly local surf photogs, if you’re feeling it. Also many more shots taken, contact us by email if interested. Many sequences were taken, if you want to see what movements you need to work on so as to not look like such a kook we’ll send you the sequences of yourself that you can compare to your favorite style king for $25. Please help make the lineup a little more pleasing to the eye and help the Gulf coast’s surf cred. It would be helpful to let us know if you’re interested in this before you go surf so we make sure to take some full sequences of ya. Peace.